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A Formula for Professional Career Advancement in the Mining Industry

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One Bachelor's Degree + 5 Years of Mining Experience = Career Advancement Opportunities

Are you a professional with 5 years of mining industry experience and a bachelor's degree in engineering, geology, or business? If so, then you've already paid your entry-level dues in time, training, and sheer effort. Now may be the perfect time to cash in on that hard-won job experience. Today's top mining companies are on the hunt, ready and waiting for you to make your next strategic career move.

In fact, with 5 or more years in the mining sector under your belt, you're ready to take on the challenges of more responsibility and reap the rewards that come with a lucrative mining management or engineering position.  Industry-related experience, especially with a record of progressive leadership roles, can put you on the fast track for career advancement in the broad range of mining sectors including:

  • surface mining operations
  • mineral processing
  • silica and sand
  • construction aggregates
  • mining equipment
  • underground mining
  • mine development
  • Mining safety
  • Mine reclamation and sustainability

At Resource Erectors, we match the best-qualified mining professionals with the top mining companies in North America. Mining professionals are in demand for active operations across the continent from Texas to Ontario, and Atlanta to Salt Lake City. As the recruiting industry's leading specialist for the mining, manufacturing, civil construction, and engineering sectors, we've been able to compile these commonly sought after, top skill sets and qualifications for career advancement in today's mining industry. 

Certifications: Adding More Pluses to the Formula

EIT and PE Certification is always a plus for career advancement. Taking the time to earn the Engineer in Training certification and the Professional Engineer license shows prospective employers you have a serious level of dedication to your engineering career. 

In the mining industry, OSHA experience may be considered, but it won't top MSHA experience. The Mine Safety and Health Administration is a ubiquitous presence in all US mining operations, enforcing federal law which requires "that all miners receive basic and annual refresher training, and that all mine operators maintain an effective training plan."

Experience with the MSHA Part 46 or Part 48 mine training plan development and implementation is always a plus and even more so if you have participated in "train the trainer" programs. Safety specialists are always in demand, but any mining management position will involve a critical focus on safety and site training. 

Surveying and mapping skills are a prerequisite for the majority of positions titled "mining engineer." Geological modeling experience is always a plus. Experience with a variety of mining methods and mining economics including estimates of size and value of deposits, as well as mine planning in accordance with environmental permits are definite pluses which should be mentioned prominently in the resume'. 

Moving to the Top With 7-10 Years of Mining Experience

With this level of mining industry experience, high-level "Mine Superintendent" and "Mine Development Manager" titles are certainly within reach. Lean/ Six Sigma and other continuous improvement management experience is a plus. Positions at this level may require a skill set beyond mining operation and workforce management, involving engagement with multiple stakeholders.

Collaboration with local and regional geologists, and federal and state regulatory authorities and development of mine reclamation plans are all part of mine management in today's environmentally sensitive business environment. Engineering expertise is crucial but it should be complemented with communication, negotiation, and leadership skills, with an acute acumen for budgeting and operational finances. 

At Resource Erectors the best mining companies in North America rely on us to provide them with the most highly qualified talent to fill the most important professional positions on their teams. If you're a mining professional with the experience to take the next step up in your career, it's time for you to contact us.  

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Dan Duszynski
Dan Duszynski

CEO and President of Resource Erectors, Inc.. A search and recruitment firm serving the mining and mineral processing, engineering, and civil construction industries of North America.

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